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Sorik Marapi Geothermal Sorik Marapi Geothermal
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    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

    One of the largest developing geothermal projects in Indonesia. This project is located in Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatera Province. KS Orka acquired majority shares of the company in mid-2016 and since then the project has completed drilling program for 18 wells and confirmed at least 55 MW proven resources. The project aims to connect 45 MW power to PT PLN grid by end of September 2019.

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    PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia

    Sokoria geothermal power project is located in Ende, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The project was stagnant before KS Orka acquired the majority shares in early 2017. Since then the project has completed exploration phase by conducting drilling for 5 wells and confirmed at least 10 MW resources. The project is currently in the construction for power plant for its first unit of 5 MW.

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    KS Orka Renewables

    KS Orka currently has three projects in Indonesia: two concession areas and one PSP+E area. We are aiming to develop 1000 MW by 2022 by applying our business model and technology.

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KS Orka is a project developer focusing exclusively on the development of geothermal resources. Our team has over 30 years of collective experience in developing, managing and financing geothermal energy and power projects.

KS ORKA acknowledges the potential of geothermal energy in Indonesia. Our vision in Indonesia is to deliver geothermal power in a clean, safe and responsible way for the benefit of the people of Indonesia. We do that by applying KS Orka’s innovative Incremental Business Model to develop and accelerate geothermal power projects, with a target of up to 1,000 MW in Indonesia by 2022.

KS Orka applies the modular power plant technology from Kaishan Manufacture, our sponsor, in our projects. The technology allows us to develop geothermal resources in more cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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Our Core Values


We are sincere, fair and forthright, treating our colleagues and our community with dignity and respecting our individual differences, feelings and contributions.


We share ideas and best practices. We help our colleagues to grow personally and professionally.


We're the owners of our actions and decisions. We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.


We respond quickly and effectively to new information. Our work is dynamic, requiring us to be open-minded and flexible in our approach.


We’re personally accountable for our own safety and collectively responsible for each other's safety. In meeting our goals for quality, cost and schedule, we will not compromise safety.

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Where We Are

KS Orka is prioritizing the geothermal development in Indonesia and constantly looking for more opportunities to expand by applying its unique business model.

Within three years since mid-2016, KS Orka has acquired two concession areas with total potential 270 MW and one preliminary survey and exploration area with potential up to 110 MW.

By applying the Incremental Model, KS Orka is constantly looking for new opportunities to develop and expand in Indonesia with target of 1,000 MW by 2022.

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    August (2016)

    KS Orka acquired


    Shares of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

  • Gallery Image #2

    October (2016)


    Well drilling in Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant

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    January (2017)


    Shares of PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia

  • Gallery Image #2

    March (2017)

    Well Testing began on Wellpad A, Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant

  • Gallery Image #2

    August (2017)


    PT SMGP submitted Feasibility Study Result to PT PLN and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources confirming at least 50 MW proven resources based on drilling activities on Wellpad A

  • Gallery Image #2

    October (2017)


    Drilling of first well in Sokoria Geothermal Power Plant

  • Gallery Image #2

    November (2017)


    PT SMGP began construction of Power Plant for First Unit in Wellpad A

  • Gallery Image #2

    December (2017)

    Established and owned


    shares of PT Samosir Geothermal Power

  • Gallery Image #1

    February (2018)


    Well testing on Sokoria Geothermal Power Plant

  • Gallery Image #2

    June (2018)

    20 MW

    The construction of First Phase of Unit 1 Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant for maximum 20 MW was completed

  • Gallery Image #2

    August (2018)

    18 Wells

    Were drilled on 5 wellpads on Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant

  • Gallery Image #2

    August (2018)

    05 Wells

    Were drilled on 1 wellpad in sokoria geothermal power plant

  • Gallery Image #2

    February (2019)

    150 KV

    Transmission line connecting SMGP substation and PLN substation is ready

  • Gallery Image #2

    March (2019)

    SMGP and PLN signed agreement for PLN to provide

    30 MVA

    power for backfeeding

  • Gallery Image #2

    May (2019)

    The Feasibility Study result for Sokoria Geothermal project has been approved by the Minister or Energy & Mineral Resourcest

  • Gallery Image #2

    July (2019)

    SMGP is currently connecting

    15 MW

    power via 150 kV to PLN grid

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    KS Orka applies the modular power plant technology from Kaishan Manufacture, our sponsor, in our projects. The technology allows us to develop geothermal resources in more cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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    Sorik Marapi Power Plant COD Unit 3

    October 07, 2022

    Sorik Marapi Power Plant COD Unit 3

    Mandailing Natal (06/10/22) - PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP), a subsidiary of KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd., with the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) project, Mandailing Natal Regency, North Sumatra is ready to enhance electricity supply to the North Sumatra power grid.

    Supervised by PT PLN (Persero), a State-Owned Enterprise in the electricity sector, SMGP successfully tested Unit Capacity Rate (URC) on 3 – 6 October 2022 with the capacity of 50 MW, hence, the official commencement of the key milestone: the Commercial Operations Date of Unit 3.

    SMGP COO CTO Riza Pasikki,

    “The success of the URC test also proves the reliability of Sorik Marapi Power Plant system. We are incredibly grateful, and appreciate the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Mandailing Natal District Government, and all parties for the endless support so that we achieve the COD Unit 3."

    SMGP hopes to continue its role in the contribution of power supply from renewable energy to the Mandailing Natal community and energy needs in northern Sumatra. In line with efforts to maximize geothermal potential in a safe and sustainable manner, this achievement is proof of KS Orka group's commitment to supporting government programs in the energy transition to achieve Net Zero Emission by 2060, or sooner.

    Commemorating Eid-ul-Adha Celebration, SMGP Donates 6 Cows

    July 08, 2022

    Commemorating Eid-ul-Adha Celebration, SMGP Donates 6 Cows

    Celebrating Eid-ul-Adha surrounding its operations area, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (PT SMGP) contributed to the festive of this year by distributing 6 (six) cows to some villages on Friday (8/7/2022).

    These six qurban animals were from cattle and farming activities, one of PT SMGP's community development programmes managed by the surrounding community. On this occasion, the Mandailing Natal Regency Government, the Mandailing Natal Police and the community surrounding the operations were the focus of the beneficiary. The villages consisted of Purba Lamo village of Lembah Sorik Marapi Sub-District, Handel village of Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-District and Roburan Lombang village of South Panyabungan Sub-District.

    The Deputy Head of Geothermal Engineering, Ali Sahid, accompanied by the PT SMGP CDCR team, Muhammad Khotib Nasution, explained that donating sacrificial animals was an effort to establish good relations with stakeholders and a part of CSR to the community.

    "This is a routine activity that we carry out every year. Alhamdulillah, this year, we handed over six cows to be sacrificed. We distribute these to several places, especially for people in need,"

    said Ali Sahid."

    Khotib added that the donation for the sacrifice of 6 cows is expected to provide benefits to the community in enriching the Eid al-Adha 1443 H commemoration.

    "Of course, we hope that the donation of the sacrificial animals will benefit all of us, especially those in need. May this bring blessings to all of us and be accepted by the Almighty,"

    he added.

    In addition to the donation from PT SMGP as a corporation, PT SMGP employees and contractors also donated some goats. The handover to the Madina Regency Government took place in the hall of the Nur ala Nur Grand Mosque, Parbangunan Village, Panyabungan Sub-District, and was received by Firdaus, Head of Subdivision for Welfare of the Mandailing Natal Regional Secretariat.

    PT SMGP Successfully Increases Electricity Production

    July 08, 2022

    PT SMGP Successfully Increases Electricity Production

    Mandailing Natal, 08/07/22 - PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (PT SMGP) has succeeded in increasing its production on Thursday, July 7th, 2022, through Put On Production activity in T-10 well. Put On Production is the process of production well opening, to be integrated into the existing power generation system at the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant, to increase the electricity production of Unit-3. This Put on Production was carried out safely by prioritizing the safety of all personnel involved and the surrounding community.

    T-10 well is a production development well, the drilling of which was completed on December 23rd, 2020. The production of this well increases electricity generation to at least 10 MW, with an expander and binary cycle, the advanced technology from KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd. as the holding company for PT SMGP project. This success results from hard work and support from internal and external parties.

    Prior to the T-10 well opening, with the Mandailing Natal Regency Government support, a range of activities was carried out, including socialization, well opening preparation and production facilities inspection. The socialization was held in the Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-District Hall on July 4th, 2022, attended by fifty residents from two villages nearby, Sibanggor Julu and Sibanggor Tonga. PT SMGP Deputy Head of Geothermal Engineering Ali Sahid explained,

    “This socialization is our commitment to intensive communication and coordination with all stakeholders, including the community surrounding our working area. We also hope for the smooth construction of the Sorik Marapi Unit-3 PLTP project and all related parties."

    Preparation for the T-10 well opening was completed on July 6th, 2022, followed by production facilities inspection to ensure that all facilities comply with applicable standards and procedures. One of the supporting facilities in the well opening process is the H2S abatement system. This facility is used to reduce the H2S gas concentration that accumulates at the wellhead and has been applied as a routine procedure in every well opening activity.

    During the well opening activity, employees and the community must stay away and gathered in a safe area with 300 meters distance from the well pad. This process was also assisted by the Police and the local Military District Command. Not only at well locations, gas detectors were also installed at several locations in the village to monitor gas concentrations in the air as an early warning system. In addition, all workers who operated the well opening activity were equipped with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), enabling them to work safely even in high-risk areas. Alongside this activity, the Sibanggor Julu community held communal prayers for a smooth operation and safety for all.

    With its success in being highly committed to safety and security factors, including in the well opening process, PT SMGP also hopes for continued support and cooperation with all stakeholders in every phase. PT SMGP also hopes to consistently contribute to the region of North Sumatra, Mandailing Natal Regency in particular, in its efforts to support the energy transition program, as well as to provide new and renewable energy that is clean and safe for Indonesia.

    HSE Drilling Audit: PT SMGP Improves OHS and Production

    July 05, 2022

    HSE Drilling Audit: PT SMGP Improves OHS and Production

    Safety is the top priority. Improving aspects of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in every process of its activities, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (PT SMGP) carries out comprehensive improvements, including HSE aspects in drilling activities. Recently, an OHS management assessment of drilling activities or an HSE drilling audit was undertaken by an independent auditor, PT Kualifikasi Migas Indonesia (PT KMI), with expertise in HSE Policy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Integrated Management QHSE System, Safety Management System, Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and other work safety. With more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in HSE and drilling at bp, PT Pertamina (Persero) and other leading oil and gas companies, the audit team consisted of Waluyo, who previously served at the Commission of Corruption Eradication (KPK), Komar Adiwijaya, Sugiarto, Harry Eddyarso and Paul Wijaya.

    The audit started with an "HSE Assessment desk review" on June 24th, 2022, followed by a field visit to the PT SMGP site in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra, from July 4th to 6th, 2022. During their visit, the audit team explained that PT SMGP had implemented work safety rules based on work policies and procedures, to ensure the implementation of K3 in its working area is aligned with the SOPs and regulations.

    The drilling program at SMGP started in April 2020; until March 2022, the program included the operations of two rigs in parallel and a safe manner, proven with a Zero LTI (Lost Time Incident) record during these periods.

    Previously, the operation of T-02 well test on January 25th, 2021, caused fatalities. However, since then, SMGP has learned and succeeded in carrying out comprehensive improvements to the well test operation. From February 2021 to April 2022, PT SMGP has successfully carried out 19 well test operations safely without any accidents.

    "Safety is the most important factor in the entire process of our activities. In carrying out geothermal energy development activities at the Sorik Marapi power plant, which is safe for workers and the surrounding community, we carry out comprehensive improvements, making HSE a top priority in our operations. We will always apply the HSE aspect at all stages of work to achieve zero accidents,"

    said Riza Pasikki, COO & CTO of PT SMGP, in his statement on Friday (9/07/22).

    Meanwhile, the success of the T-10 well opening on Thursday, July 7th, 2022, and the increase of electricity production by no less than 10 MW, also showcased the successful implementation of the HSE procedure. PT SMGP also hopes to continuously contribute to the North Sumatra region, Mandailing Natal Regency, to support the energy transition program and provide new, safe and sustainable renewable energy for Indonesia.

    Halal bi halal SMGP and Orphans in Mandailing Natal

    May 26, 2022


    The holy month of Ramadan has passed, but the special spirit still lingers on, and more celebrations are yet to be celebrated in the month after lebaran, Syawal, aimed at fostering friendships, asking, and giving forgiveness to each other. One of the ways SMGP marks the passing of Ramadan is through a halal bi halal, a tradition within the Muslim community in Indonesia, and for SMGP, especially with the surrounding community of our Sorik Marapi project area every year.

    This year, SMGP has the opportunity to share the halal bi halal moment with 1100 orphans from 31 villages in three sub-districts: Puncak Sorik Marapi, Lembah Sorik Marapi, and Panyabungan Selatan. Conducted from May 24th – 25th of May, 2022 by SMGP CDCR team, the village officials also provided massive support to distribute the packages of staple food gift bags. The team spent quality time together with the children.

    CDCR Coordinator Ade Robi Cahyadi revealed,

    “We are thankful for this tremendous help and great cooperation with the village officials, so our team can distribute these gift packages on time. We hope that this event can strengthen our relations with the community surrounding our working area through longstanding tradition for years to come. We also hope to sustain our good collaboration and beneficial support to our community.”


    May 25, 2022


    KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd. is proud to announce that the company will be the host of The 8th Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE) in 2022. This event is organized by Indonesia Geothermal Association and supported by the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation (NREEC), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (EMR).

    Tuesday, May 17th in Jakarta, a press conference took place at Hotel Dharmawangsa. Representative from KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd.,Riza Pasikki, CTO & COO, as Chairman of the 8th IIGCE 2022, together with Dadan Kusdiana, Director General of New Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation (NREEC) and Prijandaru Effendi, Chairman of Indonesia International Geothermal Association (INAGA) were present. Proudly announced the first hybrid post-pandemic of geothermal international event, Riza Pasikki stated that the theme of this year’s conference and exhibition,

    “Geothermal: The Sustainable Energy for Green Recovery, Energy Transition, and Security”, is aligned with G20 theme, “Recover Together, Recover Stronger,”

    “We are grateful and appreciate the appointment as the host of this prestigious event, this trus and massive support are extraordinary. Geothermal development is a part of new and renewable energy, that plays a key role in the country's efforts especially in reducing carbon emission and phasing out coal. With the potential geothermal resources and project development we have, surely, we will maximise our efforts to fulfil energy needs in Indonesia, while also supporting the government’s agenda in net zero in 2060, or sooner.”

    The Director General of NREEC, Dadan Kusdiana in his keynote speech, noted that he was very appreciative of INAGA’s yearly agenda in IIGCE which has demonstrated the Indonesian geothermal industry’s significance in committing to geothermal development to the world.

    “Geothermal has been proven as a reliable energy. I hope that through breakthroughs in energy transition from unsustainable or non-renewable energy, geothermal development will strongly contribute to provide sustainable energy to..”

    Dadan Kusdiana added that the geothermal industry management as well as the government, including regulations matters, still have more to improve, especially the regulation regarding safety, and these efforts need strong collaboration within all parties, also to have the same goal for improvemet. The Chairman of INAGA, Prijandaru Effendi. Also expressed his expectation for the success of this first hybrid major geothermal event with massive support from the government and the industry players.

    Lastly, Riza Pasikki conveyed, “We are looking forward to succeeding the 8th Indonesia International Geothermal Festival in September 2022. Further we hope that this will be be an event to exchange ideas, share experiences for geothermal experts to achieve green, affordable and sustainable geothermal energy, to fulfilling clean energy needs in Indonesia.

    Supporting Food Security and Livelihoods, SMGP Distributes Fertilizer in Aid to Sibanggor Tonga Farmers

    April 20, 2022

    Supporting Food Security and Livelihoods, SMGP Distributes Fertilizer in Aid to Sibanggor Tonga Farmers

    Sibanggor Tonga landscape and agricultural area are fascinating. The rice fields are also beautifully arranged, enhanced by the golden nuances of the lush rice waving everyone nearby. Supporting food security and improving the livelihoods within the region, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project (SMGP) recently distributed fertilizer assistance to farming communities in Sibanggor Tonga Village, Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-District, Mandailing Natal (Madina) Regency.

    The assistance of 4 tons of fertilizer was handed over by the CDCR team, Ade Robi and Muhammad Al-Khotib, received by the village head, Mulyadi, then distributed to the farming community.

    "Last week, the CDCR team distributed 4 tons of non-subsidized fertilizer to the people of Sibanggor Tonga, and the village head and farmers directly received it. This assistance is a continued programme of our social responsibility to the community surrounding our working area,"

    said the SMGP communication team, Yani Siskartika, to reporters, on Tuesday (19/4/2022).

    The provision of fertilizer, which is also a community development program since 2021, is beneficial for farmers to harvest within the expected time, especially when fertilizer availability is in low supply yet expensive in this area.

    Commemorating the 62nd Anniversary, the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement and SMGP Hold Mass Circumcision

    April 18, 2022

    Commemorating the 62nd Anniversary, the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement and SMGP Hold Mass Circumcision

    Celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement (Pergerakan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia/PMII) on 17 April 2022, PMII Mandailing Natal (Madina) Regency, in collaboration with PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP), held a social service activity in the form of mass circumcision.

    The DPD of the Indonesian National Nurses Association (Persatuan Perawat Nasional Indonesia/PPNI) Madina participated while residents of 7 villages from 2 sub-districts, Lembah Sorik Marapi, which was centered in Bangun Purba Village and Puncak Sorik Marapi centered in Hutanamale Village attended this activity.

    The PMII Madina Regency Chairperson, Ali Musa Nasution, thanked PT SMGP for the impactful cooperation in social activities.

    "This collaboration between PMII and SMGP is not the first time. We hope that this collaboration will continue to run well to have a positive impact on the wider community, especially those in the company's working area,"

    said Ali Musa.

    SMGP CDCR team representative Ade Robi said, “This activity was a form of the company's commitment to the community and a great collaboration with the community, student, and youth organizations.“ Ade further explained that the company has always been open to cooperation in contributing to the community.

    The Head of Hutanamale Village, Syaiful, thanked and appreciated the implementation of this mass circumcision as the programme helped parents who have children of circumcision age.

    "Hopefully, our good intentions and deeds of worship will be blessed, especially in this holy month of Ramadan,"

    he said while hoping that SMGP's support for the community would continue in a sustainable manner.

    The Head of Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-district Ridwan Lubis, and Chairman of the Mandailing Natal Regency Indonesian National Nurses Association, Hilman Nasution, also attended the event.

    SMGP reaches another milestone in the project with the completion of the handover of the special facilities from SMGP to PT PLN (Persero).

    April 08, 2022

    SMGP reaches another milestone in the project with the completion of the handover of the special facilities from SMGP to PT PLN (Persero)

    The signing ceremony takes place in PLN UPT Siantar. Dispriansyah, the General Manager of PLN UP3B Sumatra, represents PLN to sign the Special Facility Handover Certificate, while Riza Pasikki (COO & CTO) represents SMGP.

    The handed-over facilities include 16 transmission towers, town feeder transformers, Substation extension, lands, and buildings. SMGP provides a warranty of the facilities until 2024 and commits to complete the outstanding obligations. SMGP is now entitled to the transmission payment charge and the existing monthly power charge payment following the handover. Congratulations on the success of the SMGP team.

    Safari Ramadan PT SMGP

    April 07, 2022

    Safari Ramadan PT SMGP

    The Sibanggor Julu Community Ramadan is always the month that Muslims all over the world are waiting for, also in Mandaling Natal regency where 95,92% of the population are Muslim. During the holy month of Ramadan, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project (SMGP) conducts Safari Ramadan. This year, this activity took place on Thursday, 7 April 2022, in Sibanggor Julu village, Puncak Sorik Marapi sub-district, located nearby SMGP project area.

    During this event, SMGP was represented by Deputy Head of Geothermal Engineering, Ali Sahid and CDCR representative, Ade Robi Cahyadi, and were welcomed by Sibanggor Julu village leader, Awaluddin together with Sibanggor Julu village authorities at Sibanggor Julu Grand Mosque.

    The Sibanggor Julu community presence enlivened the iftar dinner, and on this occasion, PT SMGP Deputy Head of Geothermal Engineering, Ali Sahid expressed his hope regarding the relationship between SMGP and the Sibanggor Julu community,

    “SMGP is very grateful for the Sibanggor Julu community support. SMGP strives for closer cooperation with the Sibanggor Julu village community and other villagers around the company’s work area. May the blessings of Ramadan always be with us all, and PT SMGP’s relationship with the community will be more mutual understanding and harmonious.”

    Ende Regent and EBTKE massive support for the acceleration of Sokoria PLTP operation

    April 03, 2022

    Ende Regent and EBTKE massive support for the acceleration of Sokoria PLTP operation

    Completing the final stage of geothermal power development Unit I 5 MW PLTP Sokoria on 28 March 2022, PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI) is ready to contribute to fulfilling the energy needs of Ende community, and Flores at large. On 31 March 2022, a meeting was held between the COO & CTO of SGI Riza Pasikki with the Regent of Ende Drs. H. Djafar H. Achmad M.M, and Director of Geothermal, Directorate General of EBTKE, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Haris ST, M.T.

    Upon the COD (Commercial Operations Date) Unit I earlier, SGI also expressed its commitment to develop Unit II 3 MW at PLTP Sokoria with existing wells. "We are in the stage of Unit II construction preparation and communication with PT PLN (Persero). We will also carry out drilling activities for Unit III 11 MW. For this purpose, we also plan for repair work of access road to the project site, for our operational activities and also the benefit of the community.” said Pasikki.

    The Regent of Ende, accompanied by the Acting Head of the Public Works Office of Ende Regency, Mustaqim Mberu, expressed his support and also voiced his hope that the development of the Sokoria PLTP can maximize its entire potential of 30 MW. The Regent of Ende was very supportive of the Sokoria PLTP project from the start and emphasized the importance of the electricity needs of the Ende community.

    "I really hope that the energy from the Sokoria PLTP will always be reliable for the Ende development rapid progress."

    Director of Geothermal EBTKE Haris ST, M.T also stated,

    "Geothermal development is an important part of new and renewable energy, the country's efforts and commitments to maximize the potential of environmentally friendly energy and minimize carbon emissions. Flores has abundant new and renewable energy resources, we need to maximize the development for the community, and to achieve the country’s net zero target.”

    Sokoria geothermal power plant is ready to light up Ende

    March 28, 2022

    Sokoria geothermal power plant is ready to light up Ende

    PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI) through its Sokoria Geothermal Power Plant project, is ready to deliver geothermal-powered electricity.

    Located in Sokoria Village, Ndona Timur District, Ende Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, the project started the Unit Capacity Rate (URC) test on 25 March 2022 at 10.00 Central Indonesian Time (WITA). Supervised by PT PLN (Persero) (PLN), a State-Owned Enterprise in the electricity sector, the URC test was carried out for 3 x 24 hours.

    Upon completing the URC test, the Sokoria geothermal power plant has officially fulfilled significant operational requirements and reached the Commercial Operation Date (COD) as the critical milestone. The success of the URC test also proves the reliability of Sokoria's geothermal power system.

    Maximising geothermal potential in Ende, SGI hopes to play a major role in contributing to the electricity supply for Ende community and the energy needs of Flores Island. Further, SGI also expects to reduce carbon emissions through the efforts, supporting Indonesia's net zero commitment.

    Competing with 835 Applicants, 8 Local Talents Thrive Employee Selection at PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

    March 17, 2022

    Competing with 835 Applicants, 8 Local Talents Thrive Employee Selection at PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

    Commencing recruitment while fulfilling commitment in human resources capacity development in its working area, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) provides local talent selection opportunities. The recruitment aimed at selecting prospective employees as Shift Operator Trainees (Batch III) to meet the organizational needs in the COD Unit III preparation.

    During the local talents search as announced on 2 February 2022, SMGP HR team, supported by the CDCR team, had published the vacancy earlier through leading universities in Medan, Padang, Aceh, and local villages surrounding the working area. SMGP received 835 CVs advancing to a test further, followed by the administration selection stage such as academics, organizational experience, work experience, technical skills, and English.

    Sixty-three successful participants attended the selection test from 3 – 5 March 2022. The first and the second day selections were held at the Rindang Hotel, Panyabungan, Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. SMGP ensured the events complied with the COVID-19 prevention health and coordinated with the Mandailing Natal COVID-19 task force team, with permission from the local government. This final selection stage was then announced on 12 March 2022 (website link to update accordingly), resulting in 8 (eight) successful participants to enter the onboarding stage.

    Welcoming new prospective employees, SMGP HR and Services Manager Rina Yudiastami stated that 8 (eight) SMGP job candidates who made it to the final stages of recruitment would be briefed at the SMGP Mandailing Natal site for 6 (six) months before starting their position as shift operators. The briefing included in-house training and experience learning by coaches from SMGP experts.

    "This recruitment is SMGP's commitment fulfillment in providing opportunities for local talents development, to contribute to the company and the region. We hope that the Shift Operator Trainees selection enables them to demonstrate the human resources capacity and competitiveness in the SMGP work area. Further, to support the company in maximizing geothermal energy utilization and meeting energy needs in the North Sumatra region." Rina also hopes further regarding the employees' commitment when they start their duties and responsibilities.


    12 Maret, 2022

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Dukung Penuh Investigasi EBTKE - Polda Sumatra Utara

    Sabtu, 12 Maret 2022 - Menyusul adanya laporan dugaan kebocoran gas H2S di Proyek Sorik Marapi, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) memastikan tidak ada kebocoran gas H2S dari uji sumur AAE-05.

    SMGP dengan ini menyampaikan perkembangan situasi sebagai berikut:

    Penyelidikan internal yang dilakukan oleh SMGP tetap menyimpulkan bahwa tidak ada kebocoran gas H2S selama pengujian sumur AAE-05 yang saat itu diduga mengakibatkan gangguan kesehatan pada masyarakat di desa Sibanggor Julu. Berdasarkan pantauan terakhir, tidak ada lagi warga yang dirawat di rumah sakit setempat. SMGP berkomitmen untuk selalu memberikan dukungan kepada masyarakat, termasuk bantuan kesehatan.

    Saat ini tim gabungan yang terdiri dari Direktorat Jenderal Energi Baru, Terbarukan, dan Konservasi Energi (EBTKE) dan Laboratorium Forensik Kepolisian Daerah Sumatra Utara sedang melakukan penyelidikan, termasuk berkoordinasi dengan pihak Forkompinda Kabupaten Mandailing Natal. Tim juga melakukan pengkajian potensi sumber H2S lainnya di sekitar lokasi. SMGP terus memberikan dukungan penuh terhadap proses investigasi yang sedang berlangsung.

    Pada 10 Maret 2022, SMGP telah berkoordinasi dengan Gubernur Sumatra Utara dan pemangku kepentingan terkait lainnya termasuk pihak berwenang. SMGP juga mendukung keputusan Pemerintah Propinsi Sumatera dan Pemerintah Kabupaten Mandailing Natal untuk menghentikan sementara uji sumur AAE-05 hingga penyelidikan selesai. Sedangkan kegiatan lainnya berjalan normal sesuai anjuran EBTKE.

    SMGP akan selalu mengikuti Standard Operating Procedure untuk semua kegiatan operasi yang mencakup pengujian sumur, mempertimbangkan tinjauan ketat oleh EBTKE, dan terus bekerja sama dengan pemangku kepentingan lokal untuk rencana mitigasi yang lebih lengkap dan menyeluruh terkait potensi isu sosial.

    Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, hubungi kami melalui email corporate.communications@ksorka.com

    Sekilas PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power adalah pemegang sah hak mengelola dan mengembangkan sumber daya panas bumi di Wilayah Kerja Panas Bumi Sorik Marapi - Roburan - Sampuraga di Mandailing Natal, Sumatera Utara. SMGP memperoleh Izin Usaha Panas Bumi (IUP) pada tahun 2010 dan Izin Panas Bumi (IPB) sejak tahun 2015, dengan wilayah yang tercakup sebesar 62,900 HA dan potensi sumber daya panas bumi mencapai 240 MW. Pada tahun 2016, KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd. Mengambil alih 95% saham PT SMGP dari sponsor terdahulunya. Hingga saat ini, PT SMGP telah mencapai Commercial Operating Date (COD) untuk Unit I sebesar 45 MW tahun 2019 dan Unit II sebesar 45 MW tahun 2021.

    Unduh siaran pers ini


    March 12, 2022

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Supports EBTKE – North Sumatra Police Investigation

    Saturday, 12 March 2022 – Following reports of the alleged H2S gas leak at the Sorik Marapi project, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) ensures no H2S gas leak from the AAE-05 well test. SMGP hereby conveys the development of the situation as follows:.

    The internal investigation remains concluded that there was no H2S gas leak during the AAE-05 well testing, which was suspected of causing health issues for the people in the Sibanggor Julu village. Based on the latest monitoring, no more residents are inpatients at the local hospital. SMGP is committed to always providing support to the community, including medical assistance.

    Currently, a joint team of the Directorate General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) and the North Sumatra Regional Police Forensic Laboratory is underway, in parallel with the coordination with Mandailing Natal Regency Leadership Coordination Forum. The team also conducts an assessment on the potential of other H2S sources in the area adjacent to the working site. SMGP continues to provide full support to the investigation.

    Commencing comprehensive coordination on 10 March 2022 with the Governor of North Sumatra and other relevant stakeholders, SMGP supports the North Sumatra Province and the Mandailing Natal Regency authorities to temporarily cease the AAE-05 well testing until the completion of the investigation. Meanwhile, other operational activities, adhering to the EBTKE recommendation, run as usual.

    SMGP will always follow the Standard Operating Procedure for all operational activities, including well testing, and taking into account the rigorous reviews by EBTKE. SMGP continues working with local stakeholders for a more comprehensive mitigation plan regarding potential social issues.

    For further information, please e-mail us through corporate.communications@ksorka.com

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power at a glance

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) is the legal holder of the right to manage and develop geothermal resources in Sorik Marapi – Roburan – Sampuraga Geothermal Work Area in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra. SMGP obtained Geothermal Business Permit in 2010 and Geothermal Permit since 2015, covering an area of 62,900 HA and potential geothermal resources up to 240 MW. In 2016, KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd. acquired 95% of PT SMGP shares from its previous sponsor. Until now, PT SMGP has achieved Commercial Operating Date (COD) for Unit I of 45 MW in 2019 and Unit II of 45 MW in 2021.

    Download Press Release

    Press Release 20220307

    March 07, 2022

    Press Release 20220307

    Following reports of an alleged H2S gas leak in the Sorik Marapi Power Project we would like to confirm that no H2S gas leak occurred during our testing and state the following:

    On March 6th 2022, a violent protest of villagers from Sibanggor Julu took place due to wrongful allegations of H2S gas leak during the well testing of AAE-05 in the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Project.

    Following SMGP’s standard operational procedures, designed to ensure the health and safety of the community and our workers on sire, SMGP socialized with the local communities starting from March 5. The socialization entailed verbal discussions with the surrounding communities and distribution of pamphlets while using loudspeakers to announce the intentions to conduct the well testing to create awareness and ensure everyone in the area would be aware of the scheduled testing. After completing the socialization SMGP evacuated all personnel and patrolled a 300-meter radius and simultaneously monitored the perimeter with a drone to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

    During the well testing SMGP monitored where the wind was blowing and, through multi-gas detectors, the level of gas coming from the well. The gas that flowed from the wells was mainly undetectable at 0 ppm and always within the permissible exposure limit as per international standards while going through an abatement system (a system that contains 100 liters of NaOH mixture which is a H2S dissolution technology) to mitigate any H2S gas exposure. The results from the gas detectors were consistent with the previous testing of AAE-02 and AAE-03 that SMGP tested successfully on the same well pad.

    According to the wind sock on Pad AAE, when the test was being conducted the wind was blowing to the east and northeast, as seen on our website www.ksorka.com (with video showing that the wind vane is blowing). Whereas Sibanggor Julu Village is located at 26 meters elevation and 397 meters distance south of SMGP well testing activities. During the testing none of SMGP’s many gas alarms went off.

    Based on the safety and monitoring measures taken, the geographical location of Sibanggor Julu Village and the fact that H2S gas is heavier than air there are no indications or evidence that support any claim of exposure to H2S gas AAE-05, as has been reported.

    SMGP, as always, is committed to providing support to the community and will continue providing medical assistance for the local community while participating in the investigation with authorities of the actual cause of this incident.

    SMGP have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the residents and workers, as well as securing its operations and assets. Currently, the operation of the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant is running normally as advised by the Directorate General of EBTKE.

    SMGP regrets the incident that took place at our project site endangering our staff and condemns any acts of violence towards its staff and anyone else.

    Should you require more information please visit SMGP’s website www.ksorka.com that has more detailed information, documents and videos or contact us at corporate.communications@ksorka.com

    Download Press Release 20220307 [ English | Bahasa ]

    KS ORKA Renewables Pte. Ltd. to acquire Hitay’s geothermal portfolio in Indonesia via Inter Investment Pte. Ltd.

    February 08, 2022

    KS ORKA Renewables Pte. Ltd. to acquire Hitay’s geothermal portfolio in Indonesia via Inter Investment Pte. Ltd.

    KS ORKA Renewables Pte. Ltd. signed the Share Purchase Agreement with Mr. Mehmet Emin Hitay to acquire 100% of the Shares of Inter Investment Pte. Ltd., subject to fulfillment of the Condition Precedents of the Closing with a total transaction Price of $60,000,000.

    Inter Investment Pte. Ltd. holds 7 geothermal concessions in Indonesia via different Project Companies. The picture shows the location of the Projects.

    Per Hitay and third-party independent evaluation of the Projects, the Portfolio consists of top geothermal greenfield high temperature and binary systems, with a resource potential at 990 MW. The Projects were awarded to the Hitay Group through its Preliminary Survey (PSP) in 2013 to 2017. Currently Inter Investment Pte. Ltd. owns 4 PSP+E (Preliminary Survey + Exploration) Licenses, 1 IPB (Geothermal Development License) and 2 PSP+E Licenses under application. The Projects are included in Indonesia’s 2021-2030 Supply Business Plan (RUPTL).

    Based on the Share Purchase Agreement, after the Closing, KS Orka will need to replace the existing Standby Letter of Credits (totaling $2,500,000) that the Project Companies had issued to EBTKE of the Ministry of Energy, to enable the security deposits to be returned to Hitay. Upon successful commercial commissioning of the Projects, KS Orka will also pay Hitay additional bonuses based on the tariff and size of the Unit(s) that the Power Purchase Agreements will specify. KS Orka is committed to becoming a sustainable contributor to the greener energy mix as stipulated by RUPTL 2021-2030’s targeting an additional 3,355 MW geothermal installed capacity. This acquisition will further expand KS Orka footprint in the country, building the long-term pipeline to execute its incremental development methodology after the Sorik Marapi and Sokoria (in operation and/or development). After the Closing, KS Orka plans to start exploration and infrastructure facilities in some of the Projects.

    KS Orka Renewables Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kaishan Group Co., Ltd., the manufacturer and supplier of the power generation facilities of KS Orka. Kaishan’s patented modular power plant units (steam screw expander, ORC screw expander, ORC turbine expander) are well-adapted to different types of heat sources, offering the tailor-designed and optimum power-generation solution with the best-practice efficiency and reliability, with existing applications in Indonesia (Sumatra and Flores), US (Nevada), Turkey and Hungary.

    PT SGI Facilitates Counseling for Mother and Child Health in Sokoria Village

    May 18, 2021

    PT SGI Facilitates Counseling for Mother and Child Health in Sokoria Village

    On Tuesday, 18 May 2021, the Community Development and Community Relations (CDCR) team of PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI) has successfully organized health counseling and socialization for mothers and children in Sokoria Village. On the same occasion, PT SGI also provided donations in the form of milk and vitamins to pregnant women and children in Sokoria Village. This activity was planned after it was reported that a mother died after giving birth in Sokoria Village some time ago.

    As a tangible form of PT SGI's concern for the community surrounding our project, as well as a tangible form of the company's desire to be able to unite and blend in with the community, PT SGI held a counseling and socialization for pregnant women and children which was successfully carried out for three days, by cooperating with a health worker, Midwife Maria Yolita Soro from the Sokoria Auxiliary Community Health Center and accompanied by PT SGI’s Medic. This was conducted after the death of a mother after giving birth in Sokoria Village.

    "Today we are conducting socialization and health counseling. PT SGI also provides milk and vitamins to pregnant women and children,“ as stated by Erlina Remi as PT SGI's CDCR

    after the socialization activities were successful. She also explained that PT SGI has a program with the motto High Five CSR Program and Community Development. The program, which is run by the CDCR team, focuses on the areas of Culture, Education, Infrastructure, Economy and Health.

    The socialization was delivered by Midwife Maria Yolita Soro, who expressed her gratitude to PT SGI for facilitating the implementation of socialization and counseling as well as providing assistance to pregnant women and children. On the same occasion, Midwife Maria also expressed her hope,

    "I hope this activity will continue because it has a very positive impact on mothers and children in this area."

    After the death of a mother from Sokoria Village after giving birth, the issue of maternal and fetal mortality rates became an important spotlight for PT SGI CDCR team. This became more pressing after a statement from the Head of National Family Planning Coordinating Agency, Mr. Hasto Wardoyo via Kompas.com on February 4th, "in Indonesia, the maternal mortality rate from 2015 data from Susenas is still quite high with 305 per 100,000 population and the infant mortality rate in 2017 of 24 percent per 1,000 live birth."

    Riza Pasikki, as CTO and COO of PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia added, "We hope that activities like this can be carried out routinely and adapted to the needs of the community. This of course requires openness and a willingness from the community to open up with the company so that we can better understand the needs of the community and are able to prepare programs that are right on target."

    Midwife Maria Yolita Soro also stated that Sokoria Village still has limitations, both in the aspect of human resources or health personnel for maternity services as well as in the aspect of health equipment. She also added that the awareness of the community in Sokoria Village regarding the health of mothers and babies is still very low. "Therefore, the support and involvement of PT SGI, like what happened today, is very helpful," she concluded.

    Message of Condolence

    May 12, 2021

    The late Pak Deden Dermawan (second row, center) with the well test and logging team

    It is with a heavy heart that PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) announces the passing of the late Bapak Deden Dermawan (KSO10138), Well Test Technician. The late Pak Deden passed away on Wednesday, May 12th 2021 at RS BMC Bogor.

    He has been with us since February 2019. He was an integral part of the team and played a large role in the day to day operation in the Sorik Marapi field. His valuable contribution for the company will be remembered.

    We grieve this loss of a dear friend and valued colleague and we send our sincere condolences to the family of the late Pak Deden. May God bless his soul and give strength to his family.

    This year KS Orka is ready to COD Units 2 and 3 Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant

    May 10, 2021

    This year KS Orka is ready to COD Units 2 and 3 Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant

    Jakarta, Ruangenergi.com - KS Orka Renewables PTE Ltd, revealed that the company is preparing the Commercial Operation Date (COD) process for Unit-2 and Unit-3 of the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant with a total capacity of 240 Megawatt (MW).

    KS Orka Chief Technical Officer, Riza Pasikki, conveyed, Unit-2 have a capacity of 45 MW and Unit-3 have a capacity of 50 MW.

    "We are targeting Unit-2 to COD in June 2021, and Unit-3 to COD on December 31st 2021. Currently we are in construction phase,” said Riza, in an online discussion held by Ruang Energi: Sinergy to Support Geothermal Development

    He elaborate, KS Orka is an international company, a consortium between PT Kaishan Compressor (HK) Co Ltd, who owned 90% of shares and Hugar Orka (Iceland) who owned 10% of shares.

    KS Orka itself have four (4) Geothermal Work Area, three (3) of them are located in Indonesia and one (1) are in Hungary (Turawell Kft).

    For Indonesia, KS Orka operated Geothermal Work Areas under PT Samosir Geothermal Power (SGP); PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) and PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI).

    “Two of them are in the development process, namely SMGP and SGI, whereas SGP is still in exploration phase. The first KS Orka project in Indonesia are the Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant located in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra, with a capacity of 240 Megawatt (MW), with a total investment plan of US$ 836 million,” he added.

    “We need this funs to develop (Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant) incrementally with a total target capacity of 240 MW, with electrical tariff of US$ 81 cent per kWh,” Riza followed.

    In August 2016, Riza explained, KS Orka acquired 95% shares of OTP Geothermal Pte Ltd (OTP) from Origin Energy Geothermal Singapore Pte Ltd (Origin Energy) and Tata Power International Pte Ltd (Tata Power).

    “Two months after the acquisition process we immediately started drilling the first well on October 2016. Later in October 2019 Unit-1 COD with a capacity of 45 MW. Meaning in 3 years since we spud in the first drilling exploration until we are operational,” Riza conveyed.

    Currently, KS Orka have drilled 27 wells (18 production wells, 9 injection wells), where in total the wells are enough to operate 140 MW (net) generation. His team targets Unit-2 to COD in June 2021, and Unit-3 to COD on December 31st 2021, due to it currently on construction phase.

    “Next, on December 2022 we are planning to COD Unit-4 and on December 2023 to COD Unit-4, so the total is 240 MW,” he revealed.

    Riza elaborated, aside from Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Plant that will COD, Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia (SGI) Geothermal Power Plant, located in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara with a planned capacity of 30 MW, with a total investment of US$ 78 million.

    “On January 2017, we acquisitioned 95% shares of SGI and started the first drill on October 2017. Currently we’ve drilled 8 wells (5 production wells, 3 injection wells) enough for 10 MW generation,” he revealed.

    “Everything is ready we just need click on the button then we can COD Unit-1 (5 MW), however until this moment the PPA is yet to be signed. Our target us to conduct COD Unit-2 (3 MW) on December 2022, then COD Unit-3 (11 MW) on December 2024, and Unit-4 (11 MW) on December 2025),” he said.

    Source: Ruang energi

    PT SMGP Empowers Local Entrepreneurs

    April 06, 2021

    PT SMGP Empowers Local Entrepreneurs

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power on Tuesday, April 6th 2021, concluded the Mandailing Natal Businesses Empowerment event, this event is aimed to recognize local businesses potentials to be company’s partner and give socialization on the steps needed to be taken to be a partner of the company. This event is hosted by PT SMGP as the host, in cooperation with the Mandailing Natal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and supported by the Regent of Mandailing Natal, Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation.

    This event is conducted from 8.00 am and attended by 40 local businesses, the majority are businesses from Sorik Marapi Sub-District, Lembak Sorik Marapi Sub-District, and Panyabungan Selatan Sub-District, as well as entrepreneurs under the canopy of Mandailing Natal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In addition, Head of Mandailing Natal Social Service, Head of Mandailing Natal Trade Service, and Head of Sub-Districts were also present during the event.

    During his opening address, The Regent of Mandailing Natal, Drs. H. Dahlan Hasan Nasution gave a message to “Maintaining the business climate requires the synergy of all parties in order to advance the economy of the region. This is the time to work together to protect ourselves, to mutually cultivate, to create a conducive business climate while there are companies and the needs for goods that are needed and can be supplied from within do not need to be imported from outside, let's build together Mandailing Natal and this togetherness that has begun to exist."

    As a form of good faith from PT SMGP to give opportunities for entrepreneurs under the Mandailing Natal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we invite Bapak Ibnu Riyanto from the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation to provide an explanation regarding the stages and requirements for obtaining a Geothermal Business Registration (RUP) and the importance of the Occupational Health and Safety Procedures that need to be followed as a partner company later. According to him, “This first socialization was held specifically for local businessmen to understand how to become a qualified partner, especially in relation to work safety because SMGP is categorized as a high risk business.” Bapak Ibnu also advised, “for SMGP, this is an opportunity to play a role in fostering and empowering local companies to be more developed and able to compete even outside of other provinces."

    Mr. Bahran Daulay, Head of the Mandailing Natal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also expressed appreciation for PT SMGP's efforts to bring the community closer to the company. “This is also a momentum for us to prepare ourselves to seize opportunities for cooperation with SMGP, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will help find solutions for entrepreneurs who are members of the chamber so that they can work together if there are provisions from EBTKE (Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation) that need to be completed," he explained. He also expressed his wishes that this will be the beginning of a good partnership between local businesses and PT SMGP.

    Representatives of PT SMGP, Bapak Riza Pasikki expressed his hope for socialization of local businesses empowerment can be a momentum for the start of a new phase of SMGP to open up and play a more active role in the surrounding community and together building Mandailing Natal. Bapak Riza explained, “of course this is only the beginning, and will be followed up with similar events.”

    This event is concluded with a presentation given by each department of PT SMGP in turns from the Health Safety Environment, Drilling, Sub-Surface, Construction, and Supply Chain regarding the needs for services and goods and their qualifications.

    SMGP conducts Mass PCR Test for Employeess

    October 09, 2020

    SMGP conducts Mass PCR Test for Employeess

    As a company that complies with all of the government’s regulations regarding geothermal developer company in Indonesia, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power obeys all the regulations mandated by the government related to the handling of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 in Indonesia. In the last few weeks, we saw the increase of COVID-19 positive cases in Mandailing Natal Regency. Due to that fact, President Director of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power, Yan Tang, enacted a mandatory rule that rapid test must be conducted for all SMGP personnel, staffs and contractors. The test was conducted on 8th – 9th October in Sorik Marapi Basecamp prayer room.

    Enacting a mandatory mass PCR test rules for all of PT SMGP personnel is meant to ensure that all of the personnel working in our area is free of COVID-19. PT SMGP COVID-19 Task Force team continues to observe the spread of the virus in Mandailing Natal. In parallel, the team also renewed the SMGP Health Protocol and Personnel Mobilization Guidelines to protect all our employees and the community in which our project is located.

    A PCR Swab Test is conducted by medical personnel and laboratory facility from Semen Padang Hospital. “This PCR Swab Test is a preliminary action. The plan is that PCR Swab Test will be conducted every two weeks in Sorik Marapi site to ensure the health of each personnel. This is done as a precautionary step. If a positive case is found, then it will be detected instantly so a spread can be avoided,” explained Doni Masditok as the HSE Manager of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power. Since the beginning of the pandemic, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power have implemented various preventative measures; one of the first is by banding a companywide COVID-19 Task Force Team headed by Eddiyanto, SMGP Head of Geothermal Engineering. PT SMGP also worked together with the Mandailing Natal Regency Government, Mandailing Natal Health Office and various related stakeholders in monitoring the development in the field.

    As a National Vital Object project, where its sustainability is related to the livelihood of many people, PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power is committed to maintain operational activity in our field normally, with increased health and safety protocol. All personnel are mandated to wear mask, keep social distancing, and implement a clean and healthy lifestyle.

    “PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power is committed to prioritize the safety and security of all staff and contractor in our project location. Mandating this swab test is only one of the way to ensure our project area stays safe and healthy,” Eddiyanto the Sorik Marapi Head of Geothermal Engineering and the Head of SMGP Task Force Team said in closing.

    Geothermal Socialization for Samosir Regional Government Apparatus

    March 12, 2020

    Geothermal Socialization for Samosir Regional Government Apparatus

    Last March, exactly on Thursday, March 12th 2020, we’ve successfully conducted a Geothermal Socialization for Samosir Regional Government Apparatus. The socialization was conducted at the Regent of Samosir’s office and was organized by PT Samosir Geothermal Power. The socialization material was presented by The Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource. This event was conducted to socialize how geothermal energy is managed as well as the risks and long-term benefits that can be obtained.

    PT Samosir Geothermal Power is a joint company between KS Orka, a geothermal developer company from China and Iceland, and PT Optima Nusantara Energi. This company is the owner of the rights to manage the Simbolon-Samosir Geothermal Work Area.

    This socialization was conducted by representatives of the Geothermal Directorate from the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource. The socialization materials was created and presented by Bapak Havidh Nazif, as the Head of Sub-Directorate of Geothermal Program Preparation.

    Also present during this socialization were, Bapak Rapidin Simbolon as the Regent of Samosir, and Bapak Rudi A. P. Siahaan as the Head of Regional Development Planning Agency. Aside from that, representatives from the Regional Government Offices were also present during this socialization, for example from the Communication and Informatics Office, Mining and Energy Office, One-Stop Integrated Investment and Permitting Office, Transportation Office, Cooperatives Industry and Trade Office, Environmental Agency Office, Public Works Office, as well as the Tourism Office.

    A similar socialization was conducted in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara for another project managed by another one of KS Orka’s subsidiary, PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia, which managed the Sokoria – Ndona Timur Geothermal Work Area.

    This socialization is aimed to give understanding regarding the risks, impacts and benefits of Geothermal for the wider community, especially in Samosir. This was done to avoid ignorance as one of the factor which could be an obstacle for the development of the geothermal project owned by PT Samosir Geothermal Power in the future. Hopefully, after this socialization, the government apparatus in Samosir became increasingly aware of this natural resource, that if managed well can be an asset for their region and can be a means to develop their region.

    Geothermal Socialization for Local Figures of East Nusa Tenggara by The Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

    February 28, 2020

    Geothermal Socialization for Local Figures of East Nusa Tenggara by The Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

    On Friday, February 28th 2020, a comprehensive introduction regarding Geothermal and its benefits and risks related to the geothermal energy industry to the regional apparatus from the areas affected with the operational activities of PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia was conducted. The Head of Geothermal Program Preparation Sub Directorate of the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation under The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, Bapak Havidh Nazif, conducted a very informative presentation during his visit to monitor the developments of Sokoria Geothermal Work Area, scheduled to COD at the end of 2020.

    The Regional Apparatus consists of the Ndona Timur District Head and his staffs, Detusoko District Head and his staffs, along with Saga Village Head along with various local figures also attended and enthusiastically joined the presentation. “Tak kenal, maka tak sayang,” is a famous Indonesian proverbs which roughly translates to, “don’t know thus don’t like.” It often happens in a Geothermal Work Area development in various locations in Indonesia. Due to the local community’s ignorance in the long term benefits of geothermal energy, oftentimes the projects receive criticism and resistance from the community.

    Bapak Havidh Nazif, through his presentation as well as various videos prepared by the team from the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation relates the information in a straightforward and comprehensive way regarding the geothermal energy project development, as well as the impacts, risk and long-term benefits that the wider community will enjoy through it. Aside from that, it is expected that as leaders and local figures in the project affected areas, they will be able to convey to the community in their respective villages if they seek information regarding the project.

    Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia is supervised by the government so it can be made useful by the whole of Flores Island. He also conveyed that, “Geothermal is not something new in this world. The oldest geothermal resources to be used as energy source in the world are located in Italy and have operated for 117 years. In Indonesia, geothermal is not a foreign thing due to Kamojang Geothermal Power Plant having operated since 1983.”

    He also advised that President Joko Widodo, in 2015 declared Indonesia’s commitment to lower 29% of its emission as stated in the Paris Agreement. This shows that Indonesia wants to be a part of solving global problem that threatens our lives on planet Earth, namely climate change. One of them is through slowly reducing the use of fossil energy sources, and increasing the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. He adds that the technology used by Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia is the newest technology with very low emissions, so it also supports Indonesia’s commitment to the world to be part of the solution in the global fight against climate change.

    Bapak Havidh Nazif also gave a message to the participants to spread this new knowledge to the communities so as not to hinder the project’s development by vandalizing its existing pipes. Because those pipes are there to protect all living things and the environment that surrounds it. He conveyed that the community can still conduct agriculture activities and live side by side with the projects because it is proven in the other geothermal work areas.

    Towards the end, the team from the Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation led by Bapak Havidh Nazif, Regional Apparatus and Local Figures as well as representatives from PT Sokoria Geothermal Indonesia are committed to work together in order to help with COD Unit I of Sokoria Geothermal Power Plant target at the end of 2020.

    Moeldoko Signs PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Inscription

    February 13, 2020

    Moeldoko Signs PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power Inscription

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) is very proud to be a part of the Mandailing Natal community. As a part of the community, we will be present during every one of Mandailing Natal’s celebrations and big days. On Sunday, December 8th, PT SMGP are present during one of the biggest days which happened in Mandailing Natal, receiving the visit of Special Chief of Staff of the President, Retired Indonesian National Army General Dr. H. Moeldoko and Mrs. Moeldoko, one of their agenda being the signing of the inscription for the inauguration of the connection of electrical current from PT SMGP to the main substation of PT PLN (Persero).

    The event started by laying the first stone for the monument of Great Indonesian National Army General Dr. Abdul Haris Nasution, a national hero, and a proud son of Mandailing Natal whose achievement as a master strategist is recognized by various military bodies in many countries, and proceeds with the signing the inscription for the inauguration of the connection of electrical current from PT SMGP to the main substation of PT PLN (Persero).

    The signing of the inscription is a form of PT SMGP’s success in our commitment to produce clean and environmentally friendly energy for the Indonesian people after we achieved Unit I COD last September 2019. This inscription signing event is also witnessed by Mr. Hu Jun, as the Director of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power, Mr. Dahlan Hasan Nasution, as the Regent of Mandailing Natal, local government officials, religious leaders and traditional leaders of Mandailing Natal. This inscription signing is conducted at Taman Raja Batu, located at The Regent of Mandailing Natal Office.

    In his speech at the opening of the event, Mr. Moeldoko also expresses his pride of the wealth of Human and Natural Resource owned by the Mandailing Natal Regency. He went further to explain, that “Madina have an amazing Human and Natural Resource and not all of the other districts have that. Therefore if combined, it will make Madina develop extraordinarily.” PT SMGP is fully conscious of the Human Resource Wealth in Mandailing Natal, therefore we are committed to fostering and empowering the community, especially in the villages that directly received the impacts of our operational activities in Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-District.

    Along with PT SMGP, tomato harvest from Farmers in Handel Village reached 7 tons

    February 13, 2020

    Along with PT SMGP, tomato harvest from Farmers in Handel Village reached 7 tons

    Last January, precisely on January 31st 2020, Handel Jaya Farming Collective under the guidance of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power which consists of farmers from Handel Village, in Puncak Sorik Marapi Sub-District, harvested their first tomato crops. During the height of the harvest, the farming collective managed to produce 1 ton of tomato in a day and in accumulation produced a record of 7 tons as its inaugural harvest. This time, the type of tomatoes harvested is of the Tymoti and Servo variants. The Handel Jaya Farming Collective came under our guidance since August of 2019. It is estimated, that this harvest is only 70% of the potential that can be achieved by The Handel Jaya Farming Collective for the next harvests.

    PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power supports the operational activities of Handel Jaya Farming Collective by fulfilling all of the collective’s needs in the form of agriculture equipment, fertilizer, sprayer, etc. We also conducted various coaching, one of them is by organizing agriculture training through the Farmers Field Day event. This was conducted so that the farmers under our guidance can exchange information regarding agriculture technology from the experts and later implement it in their fields. It is one of the most important responsibilities that PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power bears, to empower the community that lives and have their livelihood in the area surrounding the Geothermal Work Area of Sorik Marapi-Roburan-Sampuraga, in a sustainable way so the community can be independent and superior.

    Up to today, there are eleven (11) villages fostered by PT SMGP with various commodities, like chili, tomato, and ginger plants. This coaching is conducted from providing the seeds, preparing the agriculture field up to harvesting and the selling process. Muhammad Al-Khotib, CDCR Office PT SMGP revealed, “Currently, our biggest challenge is selling the harvest directly to the market. Right now, the sale is conducted to local collector, an intermediary trader who bought the crops from the farmers and then distributing it to the sellers in the market. Whereas, if we sell it directly to the market, the farmers under our guidance can make a bigger profit.” To prevent that and to further encourage the community’s empowerment, PT SMGP is currently developing a better marketing system by collaborating with The Department of Industry and Commerce as well as with the Department of Agriculture in the Mandailing Natal Regency.

    “Our biggest hope is that the farmers under our guidance can be more serious in conducting this program, because we hope that they can be an example for the other members of the community. At the same time, we want to emphasize that success can be reached through farming and agriculture, not always by working in the project,” Khotib said in closing.

    Sibanggor Tonga Farming Collective

    December 07, 2019

    Sibanggor Tonga Farming Collective

    PT. Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power is committed to grow side by side and become an integral part of the Sorik Marapi local community. Certainly, as a true member of the community, we have a vested interest in the continuous livelihood of the members of the community that surrounds us.

    Various ways are conducted In order to support the livelihood of the community surrounding Sorik Marapi. For example, by developing and implementing a sustainable Community Development Programs so we can empower the members of the community who receive direct impacts from our operations. One of the ways is through forming farming collective in a couple of villages.

    Sibanggor Tonga Village is one of the villages that received our aid in creating farming collective and we foster them continuously so that the potential of their harvest production reached maximum level and directly helps to elevate the livelihood of the farmers, through this farming collective. Sibanggor Tonga Village Farming Collective is headed by Mr. Muhammad Ali, counting 15 people as their members, which is the maximum number of members in a farming collective.

    When we met him at his field in early December 2019, he admits, “through this CDCR program, I see so many positive contribution towards the surrounding community,” as he inspects his chili plants cultivated with the help of PT SMGP and conversing warmly with the other members of the farming collective, “The first is the needs surrounding the cultivation of chili plants, starting with the seed, and then the fertilizer, mulch, pesticides, and sprayer. In this case, we only need to make an effort on how to utilize this program or anything given by PT SMGP can be better in the future and help to elevate our economy.”

    The Ministry of Agriculture defined farming collective as a non-formal organization in the village, which is developed “from, by and for the farmers.” Mr. Ali also admit that he felt helped through the farming collective because he can exchange ideas with his fellow farmers, even if they still do their own field. “Certainly I believe the other friends, because I know all of them for years and they have so many experiences under their belts,” he adds.

    When asked if there are any obstacles in farming close to ongoing drilling areas in Pad T owned by PT SMGP, he explains, “There are always obstacles. But up to now, there is no obstacle that impacted the surrounding community, from what I’ve seen.” Mr. Ali also adds, “maybe it is also appropriate with what the company said, Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power is environmentally friendly, they said, so up until now, from my analyzation, there is none. On the contrary, what the company brought is positive impact for us, for example, the elevation of economy for the surrounding community.”

    Mr. Ali also disclosed his hopes for PT SMGP and the farmers collective fostered by the company, “In this early stage, there is only one farming collective for each villages. In the future, in 2020, this one collective can grow into a few collectives.” Because, “there wil surely be an elevation in the economy for the community in our area,” he said at the end of the conversation.

    The Regent of Mandailing Natal Regarding COD Unit I PT SMGP

    December 06, 2019

    The Regent of Mandailing Natal Regarding COD Unit I PT SMGP

    Last October, PT SMGP achieved COD Unit I 45 MW and supplied electricity to the PLN’s Panyabungan Substation. Through this success, the electricity system in North Sumatra, especially in Mandailing Natal, became more reliable. After the COD of Unit I 45 MW from PT SMGP, Bapak Dahlan Nasution, The Regent of Mandailing Natal, admits to see many positive changes in the Mandailing Natal community. “If during all this time the electricity voltage is dull. Alhamdulilah, after the help from the flow of electricity owned by Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power, surely it is now almost the same in every tier and layers of society experienced the same thing,” Bapak Dahlan explained.

    The existence and continuity of the operational activity of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power in the middle of the Mandailing Natal Community is one of the forms of mutual symbiosis. Mutually support the sustainability of each other. Therefore, each of the success obtained by PT SMGP, is a success owned by the community of Mandailing Natal as well.

    Before this, “there is a lot of obstacles, especially in household appliances, for stay at home mothers who work in a small business enterprises, sometimes their electrical appliances are broken before it’s time,” revealed Bapak Dahlan Hasan Nasution, when we met him at the official last December.

    He also adds that, in Mandailing Natal, there is many New Renewable Energy potential that haven’t been explored. He also expressed his gratitude because PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power is an environmentally friendly company and continuously prioritizes Health, Safety and Environment aspect in its every operational activity. “Yes, we are very grateful that this is environmentally friendly, as we’ve seen in Java. All of this adds to the livelihood of the community without destroying the environment,” he explains.

    When asked about his hopes for the continuity of PT SMGP in the future, he explains that he is “very hopeful that Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power can be a boost of spirit for the Mandailing Natal economy, especially in its cooperation with all parties, in every element of the community. We’ve seen it ourselves, how Sorik Marapi Geothermal cared for the community in Mandailing Natal.” He also expressed his hope so that “Our togetherness can be maintained. So in the future, between the company and the community can be more integrated, and care as well as support each of our programs,’ Bapak Dahlan said in closing.

    Government’s Plans for Geothermal Development in Indonesia

    November 21, 2019

    Government’s Plans for Geothermal Development in Indonesia

    Clean Energy in Indonesia is a program that has been planned by the Indonesian government for quite some time. Through the Directorate of New Renewable Energy and Conservation Energy under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource of Republic Indonesia, there are so many projects currently ongoing. One of them being the Geothermal Work Area of Sorik Marapi-Roburan-Sampuraga in Mandailing Natal, managed by PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power, one of the subsidiary company of KS Orka.

    Not only the reliability of green energy produced by PT SMGP, it is also believed that PT SMGP also contributes many positive impact to the community surrounding the power plant, especially in local and national economy through its contribution in paying Non-Tax State Revenue.

    When we met her at her office in Jl. Pegangsaan Timur, Ibu Ir. Ida Nuryatin Finahari M.Eng., The Geothermal Director of The Directorate General of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation explains “the geothermal resource that we have are up to 25,000 MW. Currently, we’ve only developed around 2,000 MW only.” She also went on to illustrate that the government have a target of 7,200 MW in 2025. Therefore, with Sorik Marapi, this is one of the contributions from PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power in the energy mix target, especially from renewable energy.”

    The government have also prepared breakthrough in accelerating the accomplishment of this target. Because Ibu Ida also realized that, “for the geothermal development, we won’t be able to achieve the target if we don’t have any breakthrough to accelerate the geothermal development in Indonesia.”

    She went on to explain that the breakthrough that the government have prepared, among others are the government drilling program. “It’s one of the government’s programs, in which the government took a role in the exploration process.” She also further illuminates that in the development of the geothermal energy sector, its biggest risk is during exploration. “Therefore, the government will take over that in order to mitigate the exploration risk through the government drilling program,” she adds.

    Aside from the government drilling program, the government is also preparing a presidential ruling regarding tariffs, “we want the tariff to be more competitive, but based on a reasonable economy,” Ibu Ida explains. This is conducted in order to entice investors to develop the geothermal potential resources that Indonesia have.

    Lastly, the plans that the government prepared to encourage the development of the geothermal energy sector in Indonesia are through synergizing with State Owned Enterprises. “State Owned Enterprises are also expected to help accelerate the geothermal development in Indonesia,” Ibu Ida stated in closing.

    Rombongan kementerian dan BUMN mengunjungi proyek panas bumi Sorik Marapi

    May 17, 2018

    Rombongan kementerian dan BUMN mengunjungi proyek panas bumi Sorik Marapi.

    Representatives from the Office of the Vice Presidential Secretariat, 3 (three) Ministries and 3 (three) State-Owned Enterprises visited the Geothermal Power Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power project on Tuesday, 8May 2018 to study the progress of the project which is now preparing to connect electricity to the area of Mandailing Natal and surrounding areas.

    Representative of the office of the Vice Presidential Secretariat, Mr. Muhammad Abduh, expressed his pride that Sorik Marapi geothermal project has progressed very rapidly in the last two years. He is optimistic that this project can continue to grow and become one of the important energy projects in Indonesia.

    The Ministries participating in this visit include the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy represented by the Assistant Deputy of Infrastructure for Energy, Ministry of Finance represented by the Director of Risk Management of State Finance, Mr. Brahmantio Isdijoso and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, represented by the Head of Sub Directorate of Geothermal Supervision , EBTKE, Mr. Budi Herdiyanto.

    In the meantime, representatives of BUMNs present were Head of New Renewable Energy Division of PT PLN (Persero), Mr. Zulfikar, President Director of PT Geodipa Energi (Persero), Mr. Riki F. Ibrahim and head of Planning and Development Division of PT SMI (Persero), Mr. Adi Pranasatrya.

    In the last two years since KS Orka took over majority shares of PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (PT SMGP), the project has progressed rapidly by completing the exploration stage and confirmed the existence of around 50 MW of Geothermal reserves in the Sorik Marapi concession area. This year PT SMGP plans to connect electricity to the PLN network of at least 15 MW. This plan is expected to help improve the electricity network performance in Mandailing Natal and surrounding areas.

    Dirjen Panas Bumi Kunjungi PT.SMGP

    May 17, 2018

    Dirjen Panas Bumi Kunjungi PT.SMGP

    MANDAILING NATAL (Waspada):Dirjen EBTKE Kementerian ESDM RI, Ida Nuryatin Finahari melakukan kunjungan ke PLTP yang dibangun PT. Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (SMGP) di Desa Purba Lama, Kecamatan Lembah Sorik Marapi, Kabupaten Mandailing Natal (Madina), Jumat (24/2).

    Selain mengadakan pertemuan dengan managemen PT. SMGP, Ida Nuryatin dan rombongan juga mengadakan kunjungan lapangan ke titik pengeboran dan ke sejumlah fasilitas penting perusahaan untuk memastikan aktifitas perusahaan panas bumi berjalan dengan baik sesuai tahapan semestinya.

    Pada kesempatan dialog dengan Waspada, Ida Nuryatin mengatakan PLTP PT. SMGP merupakan perusahaan tambang panas bumi dengan kapasitas terbesar di Indonesia setelah tambang panas bumi yang ada di Sarulla Kabupaten Tapanuli Utara. Karena itu pihak kementerian ESDM menaruh perhatian khusus terhadap perkembangan tambang panas bumi (PT. SMGP) yang sangat potensial.

    Tidak saja memberikan dampak positif dengan mampu merekrut tenaga kerja ribuan orang di sekitar wilayah kerja pertambangan (WKP), perusahaan panas bumi ini ditargetkan dapat mulai produksi pada bulan Maret 2018, dan tahap I dapat mulai produksi pada bulan September 2018 sebesar 20 MW.